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About us

Welcome to the website of our law firm.

We specialize in financial and commercial law. Our mission is to help our clients succeed.  Sometimes success can also be a mitigation of the impact of failure.  We provide our clients with legal services while preserving the joy of life. While providing legal services, we can not make it impossible for clients, but we can do a lot in doing so.  We are always trying to move ahead of legislation and institutions. If the case gets to court, it’s often too late. Our law firm acts in the form of a limited liability company relatively briefly, but has been operating in the legal services market nearly for 20 years. Our office can be found at Pobřežní 4, Prague 8.


We specialize mainly in business and financial law.

Most of all, we specialize in capital market law. We represent our clients before the courts and before the regulatory bodies, we provide consultancy in the creation of contracts, internal regulations and other documents to the providers of services on the capital market.

When providing legal services, we rely on   consistent understanding of client needs. We do not provide legal services that the client does not need objectively. We take into account that the legal services provided by us are economically efficient for the client.

We want our prices to be available to regular Czech clients.  We provide legal services for „Czech“ prices.

We work closely with external advocates and  consultants from other disciplines (auditors, tax advisers, accountants, experts, etc.), both in  The Czech Republic and abroad

We provide services in Czech, English, German and French.  Legal services are provided mainly on the basis of a) time fees. We charge prices acceptable to clients and proportionate to the purpose to be achieved by providing the legal service. Before we start providing legal services, we always estimate the time we will need



The founder of the law firm is Dr. Jiří Taišl

Dr. Jiří Taišl studied at the Philosophical School (1990) and the Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague (graduated in 1996). He has completed a number of long-term internships in France and also a traineeship in Great Britain. He has been a lawyer since 2000

He has also taught at the University of Economics and also at several private colleges of the University (Financial and Administrative College, Banking Institute). He is also a lecturer (VOX, Economia , Banking Academy, Banking Institute, Cognos , Czech Institute of Internal Auditors)

He specializes in commercial law and financial law , especially on the capital market law. He speaks English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian .